Excuse me but I have to go CarboLOAD

I spent a lot of time looking at this last Friday

I had some long-overdue dental work done last week. After lying in the chair for about as long as it takes me to run a marathon, I was about to leave when my dentist starting running through the list of things I cannot eat for 4 weeks. Nothing crunchy. Nothing chewy. Nothing gooey. “So basically I have to puree all my food?” I asked, without a hint of sarcasm whatsoever.

The problem is, aside from the fact that I LOVE food, this is the week before a marathon and I really need to eat, not nibble on lettuce like some skinny supermodel or slurp pureed chicken like a toothless octogenarian. Poor planning on my part, I suppose.

Which reminds me…

The week before a marathon I like to make a few nutritional adjustments. This does NOT mean it’s the time to suddently start eating right…if you’ve been spending too much time at any “restaurant” with a drive-thru, sorry, but no amount of change is going to save you now! Back of the line…

The point of these nutritional adjustments is to get to the starting line with full glycogen and electrolyte tanks, and get through the race without any cramping, stomach issues, or the dreaded bonk. It’s kinda like getting the car ready for a long trip. You check the tires, top off the fluids, and fill it with gas. (You can tell I don’t know anything about cars, can’t you?!)

So, I am:
– Increasing fluid intake (and I don’t mean wine or beer although I could go for a Guinness right about now)
– Increasing electrolyte intake, in particular potassium and sodium
– Increasing carb intake (for glycogen stores)
– Decreasing fiber intake (this little car doesn’t want to have to make pit stops)

Less of this...

...more of that

I’m increasing sodium intake by adding salt to my food, which I don’t normally do, and eating some sodium-rich soups, such as Trader Joe’s Chunky Minestrone Soup, which has a shocking 890 mg sodium…37% DV!!! I also add Ritz crackers which are basically salt licks for humans.

For potassium, I’ll enjoy a few sweet potatoes, some white beans (got those in the slow cooker right now), yogurt and spinach. I don’t like bananas, but I’ll probably throw one in a smoothie.

Increasing carb intake is easy for me as I’m a carb-lover, but I’ll have to do it without the fiber, so I’ll be switching to white bread and regular pasta. Just for a week. 🙂

I’m drinking lots of water (and staying close to the bathroom) and adding electrolyte supplements once a day, just to top off the tank.

Repeat after me: I am a racing machine.


  1. Just the kinda info I have been needing – I will be following your diet before my next long, long, long run of 24 miles.

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