It's Going to be Lovely, Hilly, and Wet!

An image from Capon Valley 50K

I finally got around to reading the course description for Capon Valley 50K. You’d think I would have read this before signing up, but I like surprises. Here are some excerpts that I noted:  “There are 2 steep but relatively short hills…you will run up and down some good (but not long) hills…You will leave the railroad bed and climb a good hill…after you pass a hunter’s cabin on a very old road, you will begin the most significant climb of the day, climbing almost to the top of North Mountain…You will continue on the Tuscarora Trail with some serious up and down hills for about 2.5 miles…”

I used to be known as a hill lover; in fact, I’m pretty sure people have used my name in a not-very-complimentary way on several occasions while running hilly routes I’ve created. It’s true that I don’t like flat courses. But I think a combination of living in a flat town and running a lot of fast tempo runs that have forced me to seek the flats to maintain the pace, has resulted in my, well, kinda sucking at hills nowadays. I’ve noticed the last few times I’ve run Manassas Battlefield, which isn’t all that hilly, that I’m getting dropped. So hills are going to be a problem. Then again, ultra runners walk hills, so maybe they won’t…

I also noted that I could be getting wet: “You will then run onto wooded dirt trails with several creek crossings…You will leave Aid #2 on a beautiful 2 track dirt path (an old railroad bed) along a lovely creek, and there will be several creek crossings….You will leave Aid #3 on a wooded dirt path, with a bit of mud and a few creek crossings….you will follow this path (with one road crossing, and a few creek crossings)…” If you’ve been near a trail recently, you’ll have noticed that it’s very muddy and wet from all the rain we’ve had. Just a couple of days after my “adventure” at Bull Run trail, much of it was underwater from a day of rain. I may need to put some dry socks in my drop bag! 

In any case, it’s going to be beautiful. Aside from all the hills, the course describes “lovely dirt paths in the woods…a beautiful 2 track dirt path (an old railroad bed) along a lovely creek…You will cross a wonderful field with spectacular views…wonderful old wooded dirt roads…”

I’ll have to make sure I look up once in a while!


  1. I am so excited to hear about your adventures of your first 50K. maybe down the road, I’ll muster up enough guts to give one a try. Bring a camera to take pics along the way.

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