Too Much Personal Attention

I feel like one of those black and white cookies. After spending hours face down in the outdoor pool and hunched over in aero on the bike, my back is way more tanned than my front. I don’t sit out in the sun so the only tan I get is while exercising outdoors . So I have the swimsuit tan on the back and the biker short tan on the front. It’s an attractive look. Hence the lack of photos in this post.

After a 20 mile bike ride in 93 degrees this morning, during which I drank all my water (50oz!) by 17 miles, I was looking forward to stretching out in yoga class.

I’ve tried many forms of yoga and like them all (except kundalini…being told to exhale through the bowels really didn’t work for me…), but right now I do power yoga because it moves fast so I don’t have to hold poses for an eternity. It’s a grueling workout, however, and my arms usually hurt after doing 3000 or so chaturangas.

Today I was the only student in class. So I got extra special attention. Lucky me. Jen corrected my crooked poses and stood over me like a hawk so I didn’t slack off like I usually do. Something tells me she knows I take little breaks when she’s not looking. After an hour I was sweating like crazy and ready for that final shavasana.

Of course, that wasn’t nearly as bad as on Tuesday when I was the only person to show for strength training. Thanks, teammates! There I was, standing on a bosu with 15lb weights in each hand, sweat running into my eyes, and no-one to distract the coach so I could grab a towel real quick. Mind you, my constant need for form correction confirms that I could never strength train on my own. My muscles would probably shrink.

This one-on-one training is definitely not for slackers.


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