I have Contador's Helmet

It’s true. According to the folks at Giro, the Advantage 2 “is the time trial helmet of choice for great champions like Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador, Levi Leipheimer, Dave Zabriskie, and David Millar.”  So I just had to have one. And it just so happens that Charlottesville Tri and Bike stocks that helmet. And, just like Contador, I got it for free!

OK, well, in truth, when I went to Charlottesville Bike and Tri I had no idea what helmet Contador wears for time trials. I don’t even like Contador very much. Mark Cavendish is more my style…I think it’s the Manx thing. But, I had a $200 gift certificate to the store, which I won at Charlottesville Triathlon in June, and I planned to spend it on an aero helmet. They had this one, which I really liked and thought would look good with my red Felt B2:

But it’s black, and aero helmets, by design, don’t have much ventilation, so I had to be practical and go with the one that gave my head the best chance of staying cool, since I’m prone to overheating (in more ways than one…):

It’s a bit boring (and, when I’m wearing it, nerdy) looking, but if it makes me faster it’s worth it. And if I’m no faster then at least it didn’t cost me a bean.


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