Stop the Ride…I Want to Get Off!

Just got back from a fun, exhausting, and sweaty 3 days at Busch Gardens. Last year I swore I would never, ever go on one of those roller coasters where your feet are dangling and the thing is careening around the track at 3,000 miles an hour (feels that fast) while doing complete loops. Me? Go upside down? Never. Fortunately my then-8-year-old wasn’t quite tall enough to ride the extreme rides. This year, he made the cut. And I had to make the decision: cool Mom who rides with the kids or loser Mom who sits on the side holding all the drinks.

So I ate my words. Several times. And guess what? Griffon is my new favorite ride. I especially like the part where you get to the top of the track and start to go over…and hang…for what seems like an eternity…before plummeting down, down. We rode Alpengeist twice in a row, after which I was swaying a bit, but happily. I’m not exactly a coaster junkie yet but I have to admit, I enjoyed the thrill.

Griffon about to drop

So now I just need to apply similar logic (if you can call it that) to riding my bike. I’m in a rut…a 30 mile rut. I just can’t make myself stay on that thing any longer. The first 20 miles are great and then it’s all downhill from there. It’s not that it hurts or I’m desperately tired or anything…I just get bored. And then I want to stop riding and get off.

Why ride more than 30 miles? Well, I signed up for Ironman Austin 70.3 in October and the bike distance in a half Ironman is 56 miles. So I’ll need to ride a lot more than 30 in training…like, twice that, maybe even more. Yikes. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with this distance. It’s not like it takes long to ride 30 miles…about 1 hr 45 mins. Given that I’ve run further than 30 miles (50k) and that took 5 hrs 27 mins, the time shouldn’t be an issue. It could be that I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around a distance over 30 miles, since in running terms that’s a lot. Of course in biking terms it’s a blip. For those Tour de France guys 30 miles is about the distance they ride while eating a sandwich. For them it’s a freaking lunch break. Speaking of the Tour, here’s an enduring image:

Ouch. I'll remember this when I'm whining about my little scrapes and cuts.

I need to find the thrill in riding long distances. Right now that’s scarier than any theme park ride.



  1. Glad to hear you liked the coasters! Let me know if you guys want company next time 🙂

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