How Much Chocolate Milk Can $250 Buy?

In my last post I mentioned that chocolate milk is a great recovery drink because of the 4:1 carb to protein ratio. And it just so happens that the wonderful people over at Team Refuel agree. And it also happens that they’re running a little contest where people (such as yours truly) can apply for a $250 grant and an invitation to join Team Refuel! So if you go on over to the site, you can vote for ME! I’m the one who looks like this:

Alison Gittelman

Now the snag is that voting runs for a month and you can vote EVERY DAY. So I am going to need to you drag yourself to the site and vote for me every day if I have a chance of winning this. I know, it’s a total pain. Right now my kids and I are playing the Travelocity Roam with the Gnome contest. Each day you get to fly your little airplane and land somewhere. All I need to win the grand prize now is Mexico, which of course isn’t gonna happen. But every day we have to go to the site and fly the plane…just in case.

I know you all have a million better things to do than vote for me every day, but it would be so AWESOME to win $250, not to mention very cool to be on Team Refuel! (Although I really have no idea what that entails. Hope I haven’t signed my life away or sworn to drink nothing but chocolate milk forever.)

So just one more time, here’s the link to vote:

Thank You!

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