Things I Might Have Missed

I didn’t want to ride 50 miles today. 50 mile rides are for weekends. But when you’ve got a race on the weekend, the 50 mile ride has to move. I had actually hoped I could just make it disappear, but according to the coach you can’t just drop the long ride when training for a Half Ironman. (Note to self: in future don’t schedule races during Half Ironman training. Better still, don’t sign up for a Half Ironman…)

So there I was, on a Wednesday morning, getting ready for a 50 mile ride, having just done 5 miles of track workout, because apparently I can’t scratch that either. Thank goodness I had my partner in pain, Meggan, riding with me otherwise I think I would have feigned sickness and laid on the couch all day. So we rode. And rode. And rode some more. At 25 miles we stopped at my house to pee and refill water bottles. I am making sure I am well hydrated for Sunday.

The first 40 miles were ok. And then the agony set in. The bike shorts were uncomfortable. I have one pair of shorts that I like to wear on long rides, and they were AWOL (probably still in the laundry basket from Saturday’s long ride) , as were my second-favorite pair. My achilles started to hurt…What?! My achilles never hurts! I kept having to crack my neck. I wanted to get off. And then, when it got really bad the last few miles, I started thinking about all the things I had seen during the ride, and how I would have missed all that had I laid on my couch instead.

So I have compiled a top 10 “What I Would Have Missed if I Hadn’t Ridden 50 Miles Today” list:

  1. Kids running, as in training. Impressive.
  2. The wonderful taste of kona cola nuun and cola PowerBar Gel Blasts.
  3. Hills. 😉
  4. Almost squashing a squirrel.
  5. Getting cooled off by the sprinklers.
  6. Pringles.
  7. A lady watering her garden while her kids sat watching in their strollers. Cute.
  8. A landscaper on a stand-on mower doing crazy fast donuts around the trees.
  9. Drivers actually stopping to let us go. Thank you.
  10. A man walking with a cockatoo on his shoulder. Yeah, that was a double take.
When I got home I refueled with chocolate milk, peeled off my gross biking gear (aaahhhh) and ate a cheeseburger. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you’re done with a 50 mile ride. 🙂


  1. Lisa McClellan says:

    Your tough AG…good luck this weekend, I’l be cheering for you!Let us know how you do. Love your list! I will use “the list” advise on my next miserable long run.

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