Bathroom Reading

Got some great reading material for the bathroom today:

The 2011 Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon Athletes Guide, at 35 pages, is quite a hefty tome for a sprint triathlon. I’ve had a quick flip through and have made a few notes:

  1. This is Iron Girl Columbia but it takes place in Ellicott City. I’m confused. If I get lost while out on the bike, which city do I ask for directions to?
  2. On p.11 there’s a picture showing how to properly rack your bike. The bike is racked fine but the positioning of the gear on the ground is idiotic! The shoes are backwards and in the wrong order (should be bike first, run second) and why is the helmet on the ground? I was sending this picture to my sister, who’s doing her first tri in September, as an example but ended up having to explain why it’s a bad example.
  3. Also on p.11, note that “if you choose to place a plastic bag on your bike, staff will remove it” because plastic bags litter the area.  They suggest using an old race cap to protect the seat from moisture. Hello? I’m getting on the bike after swimming! There will be plenty of moisture! Or am I supposed to ride with the cap on the seat? I’m confused.
  4. I am in wave #4 of 15 (yes!) which is orange cap. I happen to really like orange, and it’s a definite improvement over last year’s lilac, but it’s going to clash really badly with my red/blue tri suit.
  5. On p.20: “Turns are marked by Orange Tetrahedron Buoys.” I must have missed that math class. What’s a tetrahedron and will I know one when I see it?
  6. Also on p.20: “A participant may stand on the bottom…” I don’t recommend it. The bottom of Centennial Lake is a spongy bed of goose poop.
  7. On p.22: “There is no public urination permitted.” What?! Does this include peeing while biking/running? What if I have an “accident?” I’m really concerned about this one.
  8. On p.31: “Please trim your fingernails and toenails…” I like this one since I prefer not to get gouged during the swim.
Despite my concerns, I am really looking forward to this race. It’s the only triathlon I didn’t place in last year. Top 5 in each age group get an award – last year I was 7th. This race doesn’t play to my strengths because the swim is long at 1000 meters, so placing would be really great! Also, this year Athleta is the title sponsor so I’m hoping there are some cool Athleta giveaways…
A lot of people missed getting in to Iron Girl Columbia this year because registration closed just a few hours after opening. I just happened to be farting around on the computer the morning registration opened, so got lucky. I plan to give it everything I’ve got…and a little bit more, so if I end up violating #7, it will be a result of my trying so damn hard. Maybe they’ll let me off. 🙂

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