Advice from the Little Sister

My big sister called for some advice today. I think that’s a first. Usually it’s the other way around. But she’s doing Cheltenham Triathlon, which is her first triathlon (actually, I think it’s her first race of any kind) and she had a few questions. Think I might have overwhelmed her. We discussed what to wear, what and when to eat and drink, swim starts, how to pass in the pool, what to do if you panic in the pool, transitions, transition set-up, biking skills, drafting rules, bike to run, whether to wear socks, etc. etc. I wish I were there to help her because the first triathlon is so freaking daunting. Remember yours?

My first triathlon was South Riding Triathlon, which I’ll be doing for the 3rd time in just over a week. I was an experienced racer, and still I was freaking out as I stood in line to swim. I wiped out while running out of transition with my bike…bike went one way, I went the other.

Just before wiping out...

I enjoyed the run…the only component I really knew how to do…

And ended up 2nd in my age group, which pissed me off because I lost 1st by 2 seconds…

So I came back the next year and took 2nd again…

But this time I was 2nd female overall!

My sister keeps saying she’s just competing to complete and that it’s a very low-key tri where some people wear costumes…apparently last year there was a group of ladybugs participating…but I know she’s competitive like me and wants to do well!

Good luck, Sarah, you’re going to do GREAT! (As long as you take all my advice…ha ha ha.)


your bossy little sister. xxx



  1. sarah quekett says:

    I’m soooo excited to be on your blog!! Completely in awe of my little sister’s athletic abilities – and maybe a little overwhelmed by all the advice – but actually feeling rather smug cos all those extra tips may give me some advantage hopefully. And I have to admit, yes I am pretty competitive – otherwise why would I be doing all this training??!! I may even be getting just a little addicted – I’m going to look up what other races I can do after this tri, as am enjoying that feeling of training for an event……….I’ll never catch my little sister though – she knows that!!

  2. I must admit when Alison told me everything that she had told you, my first thought was that you’d be overwhelmed! I was lucky when I did my tri becasue Alison was my walking checklist and, of course, she was still done before I started the run!

    Enjoy it Sarah. You’ll do great.

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