Emergency Preparedness

VA/DC/MD readers: Where were you during Tuesday’s earthquake? What was your first thought? My first thought – as the Tysons Corner building I was in began to sway, slowly at first, then more violently, and everything in the room began to shake – was, “should I put my pants back on?” Not a normal earthquake-inducing thought, but I had just arrived at the laser hair removal center…

It was just as well I was late for my 1:45 appointment, because, had I been on time, the laser probably would have been zapping away when we felt the earthquake at 1:51. Now THAT would have been something to write about.

So now that the excitement over an earthquake in Virginia has subsided, we are all getting hyped up over a hurricane. Granted, Irene is huge and scary, a bit like a lunch lady I once knew by the same name, but we like to go a little nutso here, all the same. For fun, I mentioned on facebook that we’re running a little low on TP. For fun, I went to Costco to pick up my son’s glasses and look at what people had in their carts. Mostly lots of water. Some of these people probably don’t ever buy water, but now they’re feeling a compelling need to buy it by the crateload.

While everyone else gets ready to hunker down, I’m getting ready for South Riding Triathlon, scheduled for Sunday morning, which just happens to be the same time hurricane Irene is supposed to hit our area. This could be interesting. I’m having visions of getting blown away on the bike in the predicted 40 – 60mph wind gusts. Then of course there’s the 1 – 3 inches of rain to deal with.

I am prepared for the emergency. I went to RedBox and rented The Lincoln Lawyer and the Adjustment Bureau and made sure we have plenty of wine.

Since I have no pictures of the earthquake or hurricane, here are some random pics from Iron Girl:

Best shot of me exiting the swim...

I like race wheels and aero helmets

Why does my number always gravitate to my butt?

Soooo glad THAT's over!!!

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