My youngest son, who is in second grade, was studying for a science test the other day. He asked me to give him some examples of adaptations. As I’m explaining concepts like camouflage and why lizards’ tails break off, why giraffes have long necks and hedgehogs have prickles, I’m thinking about my own adaptation. Yes, I used to have a tail. 😉

I’m just over a week away from Ironman 70.3 Austin, and so this weekend’s ride is only 30 miles. A few months ago, the thought of a 30 mile ride was enough to make me break into a cold sweat. I just couldn’t do it. I’d get to 20 just fine, and then start to fall apart in the last 10. It was physically and mentally draining and I had no idea how I’d manage a 56 mile ride.

Over the last few weeks I’ve adapted to long rides. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I love them, or even particularly look forward to them, but I don’t find riding 60 miles quite as horrifyingly vomit-inducing as I once did. And 30 – bah, that’s a spin around the neighborhood. Now if I could just grow some gills so the swim would be easy…

So the bike is packed up and I shipped it out yesterday. It is slowly making its way to Austin (yesterday it got to Winchester, today it’s in Martinsburg, WV…at this rate I think I could ride it there faster…), scheduled to arrive Oct. 18th. Dropping it off at FedEx was like leaving a child at preschool for the first time. Yeah, I had some issues walking away from the box. Here’s the red dragon before we said our goodbyes:

Boxed up

It was supposed to be easy to put the Air Caddy together and get the bike in, but it was more like wrestling a bear. Once we got the damn box together and all the special inserts inserted, then it was time to put my bike in. My bike is tiny. It’s a size 50 with 650 wheels. You don’t get much smaller than that. And it just fit. How the heck do you get a size 58 with 700 wheels in there? I even had to remove my seat and pedals. And, because the Felt B2’s cables are internally routed, flipping the handlebars down wasn’t a piece of cake, either. I just hope I can get it all back together on the other end.

So this weekend we’re off to Hershey, PA. My husband is running the Hershey half marathon on Sunday (his first) and I will pace him for the last 7 miles because a) I’m nice and b) I have to run 7 miles, per the training plan, which is still headed to the incinerator although I don’t hate it quite as much right now. We’ll also be visiting the park on Saturday, all decked out for Halloween (the park, not us), which should be fun, and forcing our kids to leave the park to run the kids’ fun run because we are mean like that. I’m sure they’ll get some free chocolate to make up for the hardship.

If you’re looking for a race this weekend (because Hershey half is sold out) I highly recommend the Stone Ridge 5K on Sunday. Not only is the course flat and fast but yours truly was in charge of awards and they are AMAZING. Seriously, I was putting them together today thinking, “I want to run this race!” But I can’t, so you should go do it instead. You can thank me later.

Have an awesome weekend. Rain-free would be nice, too.


  1. Lisa McClellan says:

    Good read AG, now if I can get 26.2 to feel like a stroll in the park.. oh yes that’s right adaptation takes millions of years. 🙂

  2. Best of luck in Austin!!! I know you’re gonna do awesome! 🙂

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