A "Few" Words About Ultrarunning

I spent today at Epcot with my family. Epcot is my favorite Disney World park because I LOVE the World Showcase. I like to admire the different buildings, look at all the stuff in the shops and taste all the food in the restaurants. Today we ate in France because we saw Remi, the rat from Ratatouille, through the window, and just had to meet him. And yes, I had the cheese plate or Assiette de Fromage de France.

Remi could only nod or shake his head but still very cute!

Then we went to Germany so I could chat with the Germans working there in my formerly fluent but now mistake-riddled German. It was painful listening to myself but I kept blabbering away. Sometimes it’s hard to stop. Like when I was writing an ultrarunning article for the fabulous online magazine This Mother Can Run. The magazine’s editor told me to write about 600 – 800 words but I got writer’s diarrhea and wrote about 2000…

Anyway, indulge me and check it out (subscribe for free using the gift code “racingtales”) and let me know what you think. It’s my first running article outside this blog…hopefully not the last…

So speaking of painful stuff, I know I still have to write about the run leg of Ironman 70.3 Austin. That will be coming soon, promise. In the meantime, enjoy reading about ultrarunning. All I can say is, I’m glad I didn’t have to run an ultra at Austin.



  1. I just happened across your blog from another blog and it’s kind of crazy because I actually just read your article this evening. I’m contemplating a 50K in about 6 weeks and therefore reading everything I can find on the subject. I thought it was a very well written article with lots of encouraging information. I was glad it was as long as it was. Thanks for writing it… I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    • Hi, Laurie! Glad you like the blog and the article. What 50K are you contemplating? I have a write-up on my blog on my first (and so far only!) 50K which was Capon Valley. Look under May. Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing about your training and race!

  2. Nice writeup, Allison! When will we see you next on trails?

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