The Mother of all Blenders

I didn’t plan to get sucked in. I was at Costco during the lunch hour and so was visiting the sample stations. As I wandered by a large temporary setup containing a guy making smoothies, I thought I’d just move in for the quick grab and go. But something caught my eye. I’m not quite sure what it was. It certainly wasn’t the $349 price tag, which I considered totally ridiculous for a blender.

And then I saw what this machine did. The blender man threw in unpeeled kiwi and apple, a banana, whole strawberries with stems, pineapple, and ice, and told me to press the smoothie button. The machine came to life, slowly at first and then faster, pulling the ingredients down rather than sending them shooting up. In fact, he didn’t even put the lid on at first.

I mentioned that I am still using my 13-year-old Cuisinart blender and that it makes smoothies just fine. Well, it does, although I have to press the ice crush button first, then the puree button, and stop it a few times to dig around the ingredients with a spatula when it gets stuck. But other than that, I had no intention of replacing it. Even though one of the blades is bent. No way I was spending $349 on a blender.

Blender man wasn’t done. He mentioned the blender could make soup. From scratch. Including heating it. This, I had to see. In the container went a carrot, tomatoes, hot water, cheese, some other stuff I can’t remember. He told me to press the soups button. This cycle was longer, about 3 minutes, but again it started slowly, dragging the ingredients down, and then got faster. I watched the carrot, which appeared stuck to the side, for a while, thinking it wasn’t going to get blended, and then it was gone.

Blender man took the top off the container and steam came out. Hot soup. In 3 minutes. From fresh ingredients. He added some tortilla chips, put the blender on pulse for a few seconds, and we had tortilla soup. Still, no way I was gonna buy a $349 blender.

When my husband came home that night I told him about the blender. He was intrigued and looked it up on It was $399 online because it came with an extra jar. He also shopped some other sites and found that it was more expensive everywhere else. Still, $399 for a blender.

Our wedding anniversary was October 17th. In my card from my husband, I found a picture:

My blender arrived a few days later. It was worth every penny. I make smoothies in it almost every day. My favorite is banana, orange or tart cherry juice, frozen strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple, and almonds. If I’ve just worked out I add protein powder. I love the fact that I can throw the ingredients in, press the button, and walk away. I’ve also made soups in it. Those have been a little trial-and-error and one was so disgusting I had to throw it out, but I am the world’s worst cook and not even the Blendtec can fix that.

Right now Costco is offering the Blendtec for $369.99 online. Makes a great holiday gift. 😉


  1. ohhhhh how i love the blendtec blender…..

  2. Wow. I have the King of all blenders, the VITAMIX, but it doesn’t make soup. JEALOUS!

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