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I don’t know what happened. I went to Texas, which was hot, then went to Florida, which was not-as-hot-as-usual, then came back to Virginia, which had suddenly plunged into…ok, not quite winter but definitely late fall. For a start, the trees all denuded themselves overnight. This makes walking to school in ankle-deep leaves quite fun, but running Bull Run trail quite treacherous. Yesterday on the trail I put my foot in a hole I couldn’t see because of the leaves, and I rolled my ankles too many times to count. I think I have double-jointed ankles or something, because they’re always fine, but whenever I roll an ankle (which is usually never) the specter of breaking it 20 years ago comes for a visit.

Anyway, my point is, all of a sudden, mornings are cold. Of course, come February, temps around freezing will seem delightful, but right now I am not ready for 31 degrees. Usually I’m ready to move to the winter-wear running drawer (yes, I have whole drawers of running clothes for different seasons, while all the regular clothes are shoved in the non-season specific closet), but I feel like I’ve been caught by surprise as I’m pulling on long tights and Under Armor compression shirts as well as gloves and hats. In previous years there was a phase of wearing capris and long shirts, but I’ve skipped that.

I must admit, I’m feeling colder in general this year. I’ve put a space heater in my office. I’m wearing long socks…in bed. And the other day I wore tights under my jeans, which my husband thought was hilarious.

I find a hat an essential part of my winter wear. It’s so true that most of your body heat escapes through your head. I find that when I wear a hat, I can get away with fewer layers of clothing, and since I prefer not to look like the Michelin man when I run, that’s a bonus. Over the years I’ve collected an array of hats, but I only have one that I really like. It’s a Nike hat. I used to have two of them but one went missing a year or two ago.

My favorite hat...missing its twin, especially since it's been worn twice this week and not washed at all...

I have two requirements for my running hats: they have to be thin (too thick and my head sweats, which will make me colder) and they have to have a ponytail hole. If I wear a hat without a pony tail hole, the friction of the hat against my hair results in dreadlocks.

Not really me but you get the idea

I have this Brooks hat which is OK but doesn’t cover my ears:

And I have this Athleta hat which presents the same problem:

I recently got this Saucony hat, which does cover my ears but which is also too big, so I either have to fold it over on my forehead or look like a gnome:

I got this hat in Iceland. Obviously it’s not for running but I absolutely love it. It’s so warm. And it covers my ears and doesn’t make me look like a gnome. 🙂

These are my favorite gloves:

The mitten part folds back and you can shove it into a little pocket on the back of the hand. Genius. I often start my runs with the mitten part on and then remove it as I warm up.

Anyone have any hat suggestions for me? What’s your favorite winter running accessory? Are you as cold as me or am I just suffering from old age thinning of the blood? 



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