Chocolate on Repeat….Caption Contest

Like picking at a not-quite-healed scab, I never know when to leave something well alone. As if we haven’t heard enough of the Hot Chocolate Meltdown, whenever I see someone with a jacket from the infamous race, I just gotta ask them, “how was it for you?” Turns out the answer isn’t always all bad.

At this morning’s well-organized, disaster-free VHTRC Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50K (entry fee: $0), my partner-in-trail-running-crime Lisa and I spotted a woman wearing a Hot Chocolate jacket. I was about to pounce but Lisa got there first. Turns out this woman managed to get to National Harbor and was parked by 6:30am. She said she had a good race and had plenty of warm gear so didn’t get too cold standing around for an eternity waiting for the race to start.

My favorite quote of the week, from one of the many e-mails flying around discussing the race lowlights, was Donna R’s assertion that “next time I want the kind of ‘excitement’ like I had in that 15K race, I’ll just go take a jog on the beltway…” Tee hee.

Anyway, I was telling Lisa while running the beautiful trails of Bull Run (beats the beltway) that I really enjoyed the last giveaway but wished I had a shirt for everyone because I thought it was awesome that so many people responded. So Lisa gave me her Hot Chocolate jacket to give away! So if you didn’t get a jacket, didn’t get the size you wanted, like it so much you’d like a spare for when the other’s in the wash, want one to give to a friend, or just want to enter a contest for the heck of it, here’s your chance. The jacket says it’s a Medium, by the way, although I think it’s a bit on the small side.

Here’s a pic of said jacket:

So I *stole* this from the official Hot Chocolate race site and the logo on the front of the one I have is a little different, but I thought it was a better pic than the garbage I usually upload, plus you get a good view of the logo on the back.

Anyway, this contest is a little different because not only did Lisa donate the jacket but she also gave me a great idea for a caption contest. So, to enter, all you have to do is post a suggested caption for the picture below. I would, of course, LOVE it if you would repost my contest on facebook, twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on twitter, etc., etc., but will not make those things a requirement because, to be honest, I sometimes look at the list of requirements on other blog giveaways and start getting anxious about having to tweet and fb and hashtag this and mention that and before I know it I’m in High School again sitting that 3 hr Classics exam in soaking wet jeans because I had to ride my bike 3 miles to school in pouring rain…worst 3 hours of my life.

Sorry, digressing. Here’s the pic:

Rules: You can enter as many captions as you like. Lisa will decide the winner, although she doesn’t know that yet! Lisa’s decision is final. Contest only open to US and Canada residents. Contest closes on 12/18. Winner will be announced on 12/19.

Have at it!!!


  1. “Getting ready to head to the HotChocolate 15K–I hope I have enough provisions.”

  2. “This Multi-Flavored Carb Loading Grab Bag was worth every penny!”

  3. “Got my breakfast….how about you?”

  4. “I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends”(with all due respect to Sir Paul and John)

  5. “What is she doing with Dow’s nutrition?”

  6. Christine Purcell says:

    I’m replenishing my sodium levels.

  7. Christine Purcell says:

    Chocolate fondue is overrated as a recovery food.

  8. After seeing the “best goodie bag”…I thought I’d bring some supplies for after the race.

  9. Is it really true that “once you pop, you can’t stop”? We’re going to find out on this week’s episode of MythBusters.

  10. My belly hurts…wait this was POST race food?

  11. My abs hurt after planking with Alison and Mike.

  12. Ok, this one’s not a caption per se…but…

    I proposed to my wife by putting the engagement ring in the middle of a can of Pringles. Now give me a jacket for my pet pigmy chimp. His name is Charlie. Winning!

  13. There was a fire in my house, so grabbed the most important items!

  14. “Oh, this is the jacket? Are you sure it isn’t the trash bag the jacket came in?”

  15. That jacket does run really small. I got the medium and it’s TIGHT. I also have an urge to pounce on people wearing it and ask them how much they thought the whole thing sucked. 🙂

    My friend made car magnets for us that say “I survived the HOT CHOCOLATE race 2011” and it’s hilarious because we almost got hit by a truck trying to pass people since our 8:00min/mile corral was somehow all the way of the back. 🙂

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