CW-X is the Bomb

I’ll admit; I bought the CW-X tights because I couldn’t justify paying for 2XU. With the CW-X women’s stabilyx tight costing $100 on Running Warehouse and the 2XU women’s elite compression tight selling for $150, I went for the less expensive version and hoped it wasn’t a cheap imitation.

Cheap imitation or the real deal?

I had bought a pair of the same tights in the 3/4 length about a year ago, and had trained in them several times and liked them well enough, but hadn’t raced in them. My opportunity to wear them for racing (i.e., a little too cool for shorts, too warm for tights) came at EX2 Adventures’ final and most brutal Backyard Burn race of the season, Hemlock. As I’ve described before, the Hemlock course is a series of hills, rocks, and roots. In short, it’s a climbing festival that shreds your quads and burns your lungs. Of course it’s my favorite. You run down from the park HQ to the Occoquan river, hop along a bunch of rocks, run/climb/crawl back up to the park HQ, and then go back down in another direction and back up again. And again. That’s 5 miles. If you’re running the 10 mile option (of course I was) you repeat the whole thing.

Rock-hopping fun

Trying to stay ahead of the chase pack!









So I usually hurt pretty bad the day after this race.  But I woke up Monday morning and the quads were fully intact. They didn’t even hurt. No kidding.

I don’t think I’ll wear any other tights from now on. CW-X compression is the bomb. CW-X says the tights have targeted support for the core and knees, but I find the kinesio-taping technology is great for the IT band too as it wraps around this area. I bought the tights in black/raspberry and the 3/4 length in black/blue because I like to be different, but you can get them in all black if that’s more your thing. They’ve got a couple of reflective bits but I think CW-X could do a bit more in the reflective department for those of us who are forced to enjoy those 5am or 6pm runs.

As with all compression gear, putting the tights on takes a bit of getting used to because they’re, well, tight. It’s not as bad as wrenching yourself into a wetsuit but not as easy as putting on non-compression gear. You have to go slow and pull them up a bit at a time. At first I found the compression over the core a bit restrictive, but you get used to it….kinda like wearing spanx. There you go, the first spanx for running.

Tried and tested at Hemlock



  1. Lisa McClellan says:

    I have trouble spending $100 on tights even though that is the cheap version…might just have to invest in a pair

  2. I *love* the CWX tights and crops! They’ve been part of my skiing base-layer and winter running rotation (multifunctional)!) for years.

  3. I love the idea of running in compression, but it never seems to do much for me. Perhaps I wear a size too big? Everyone I know who runs in CWX loves it!

  4. I wore CW-X capri-length tights for my 50 mile race and I really feel like they were my saving grace. I love those things!

  5. There is a Schwaggle deal for 40% off certain 2XU products right now and the tights came out to $84 with the discount. I still can’t bring myself to spend that much. But it did prompt me to head over to RoadRunnerSports and check out the CW-X line. They have capris starting at $80 but I think those fancy ones you show were well over $100. I live in Southern California, so I don’t know that I can really justify spending that much on something I’ll wear so little.

    I recently invested in a pair of Pivot Shorts which are supposed to decrease the incidence of ACL injuries in athletes. The compression is taking some getting used to, but I think I’ll get good use out of them.

    • That’s a really good Schwaggle deal. But I can’t imagine you needing tights much in SoCal! I know I didn’t need them in Santa Barbara in January! Maybe if you travel?!

  6. 2XU had a deal on yesterday for $60! By the time I went to order them today, they were sold out.

    The Clymb is a great deal site for outdoors apparel…. if anyone wants an invite, let me know!

  7. Found your blog on FB. Thanks for the review of the CW-X tights. I am typically a loyal CEP Compression fan but I need to prepare for a 100 mile trail race and thought now might be a good time to check out other options. I’ll need all the support I can get to go that far!

  8. Agree 100%. I have the CWX insulator tights (for really cold weather) and the capri pants. I raced my Turkey Trot in the Capris and the legs felt great during and after. Thanks for sharing and promoting this awesome brand!

  9. I absolutely love my CWX tights. I think I should’ve gotten one size smaller, because the “knee” crisscross always moves down below my knee, but I CANNOT fathom how I would be able to get into a size smaller … I will just keep pulling them up every few miles.
    I think I’ll ask for the capris for my birthday!

  10. I like them. I don’t know if I should size down though because it keeps bunching up at the back of my knee. I have the capris. I don’t know if I could fit into a size down though.


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