2XU vs. 2XU

Funny how things work out. In my CW-X Stabilyx tights review I commented that I couldn’t afford 2XU. Not long after posting the review I discovered, along with many other people, the “Other” messages folder in my Facebook account…one of the messages in this folder was from 2XU, telling me I’d won a pair of Thermal Compression Tights! I contacted 2XU, apologized for the, um, several month delay in responding, gave them my address, and my tights arrived a few days later.

If only I could look as tough as Emma Snowsill...

I couldn’t wait to try them out. What surprised me was how lightweight they are for a thermal tight. The interior is “brushed PWX FLEX fabrication” (non-tech speak = fleecy) but not at all thick. There’s no key pocket. The tights are very form fitting, as you’d expect compression tights to be, but they’re actually much easier to put on than the CW-X tights. This is because the compression is graduated: it’s greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases further up the tight. This means that there’s much less of a compression feeling around the quads and hamstrings, and more on the calves. In fact, all of 2XU’s running tights are in the brand’s XFORM category, which means they’re suitable for both performance and recovery, so the graduated compression (a key feature in recovery socks) makes sense.

But I still wasn’t sure if my legs would be warm enough in the tights, given that they’re so thin. I took them for a test run in 28 degrees and they worked perfectly. My legs quickly warmed up but didn’t overheat, unlike some of my older thermal tights, which tend to cook my legs.

A couple of days after receiving the thermal tights I decided I wanted a backup pair and bought the Elite Compression Tights with a 40% off Schwaggle deal. I just couldn’t turn down that offer! The elite tights aren’t thermal, and are a bit thinner than the thermal tights as there’s no fleecy lining. However, these tights, being “elite,” offer additional calf and hamstring support “for athletes demanding more power and support.” I’d like to demand both of these, thank you very much. In addition, these tights do have a key pocket (yay!) and they provide UPF 50+ protection, should you want to hang out in the sun with them on… They fit in the same way as the thermal tights, but I’m not sure how cold I can go in these. I’ve worn them in temps in the 30s without issue, but I’m not convinced they’ll be warm enough when temps get into the teens…which they did last Wednesday, but I chickened out on 5:30am track so I didn’t find out…

In addition to performing well, the 2XU tights look cool. They have reflective Xs on the thigh and the 2XU logo on the calf. I’m no Emma Snowsill in them, but they look pretty decent…especially in the dark.

Here’s a look at the features of both tights:

Thermal Compression Tights


  • Using brushed PWX FLEX fabrication for softer, warmer feel.
  • Greater regulation of core body temperature for comfort + warmth in cool climates.
  • High power denier to support hamstrings, quads, abductors, gluts + calves.
  • Reduced muscle fatigue + damage.
  • Graduated fit promotes increased circulation.
Elite Compression Tights:
  • For athletes demanding more power + support.
  • Combination PWX FLEX front panel + extra powerful PWX WEIGHT in rear panel for added calf + hamstring support.
  • Also delivers support to quads, abductors + gluts.
  • Reduced muscle fatigue + damage.
  • Graduated fit promotes increased circulation.



  1. I want a pair…hey sounds so wonderful! 🙂


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