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Sports bras. Don’t get me started. I hate sports bras. They’re hard to get on, even harder to remove, and all around just a pain in the neck. I think that’s why I don’t buy them very often. I have several that I really like and have owned forever. They’re starting to smell…not after the workout, which is normal, but all the time. I’ve had these bras since before I discovered WIN Green sport wash, and I don’t think anything is going to remove the smell of years of sweat. So, while I’ve clung to them for a really long time, I think I have to finally bid them adieu…

While I’ve tried many brands, my favorite sports bra brand is Moving Comfort. Alas, the styles I own are no longer available (go figure), but they have an almost overwhelming selection to choose from. What’s nice about Moving Comfort is that their size range isn’t just XS, S, M, L like many other brands; they have cup sizes, too. So you can order an A/B in a medium or a C/D in an extra small, for example. They fit both ways, so to speak.

I ordered the Phoebe, Chill Out, and Charity:


Chill Out



The Phoebe and Chill Out both have hook-and-eye closures in the back for a customized fit. I didn’t have any sports bras like this and was intrigued to see how they work. While I agree that it can be useful, I think I just prefer the elastic band all the way around. That being said, they are a little easier to remove. The Phoebe fits and looks great. I think I will return the Chill Out because it looks kinda blah, and was the most expensive of the three anyway. I’m most excited (if you can get excited about a sports bra) about the Charity. It’s a little lower cut than the other bras, but it fits great and looks really cute, with a pretty back print. Plus, it was on sale, which is always a bonus! It comes in several different colors so I think I’ll get another color in exchange for the Chill Out.

I was not compensated for this review and Moving Comfort didn’t give me anything for free. I wrote this review because I wanted to share information about a great product.

What’s your favorite sports bra? Are you a sports bra hater like me?! 


  1. Girl don’t get me started on “the girls”. I just had a baby and my ahem size has changed dramatically so it is awesome to read this review. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. One of these days I’ll splurge on a Moving Comfort bra, but right now, Old Navy, Champion, and Tek seem to be holding me up ok. ;o) That Charity bra is cute though.

  3. Oooh girl. Sports bras are the hardest things for me!! I’m a 30EE….small around, but large chested. After many trial and errors I’ve settled on the Nike Dri-Fit. I get the XS. Needless to say it’s a scene trying to get in and out of them, but they keep the girls happy. If it weren’t for those I don’t think I’d be able to run…seriously. I’ve always been intrigued by Moving Comfort. Maybe I should give them another try.

  4. i have a ton of sports bras, haha. there are more that i like better than others. thanks for sharing about these sports bras!

  5. I loving Moving comfort too. I wrote up about Juno and Fiona not too long ago. I think they offer the most for the widest variety of people. If you need c/d or more you’re options are somewhat limited, but great support, style and colors otherwise

    • I love your review, Julie. I was actually quite impressed with Moving Comfort’s offerings for C/D sizes when I ordered recently. No need to get an ugly bra if you’re bigger!

  6. Sports bras are major PITAs! I actually have found the Champion brand ones they sell at Target to be my favorites, and I think that’s mostly b/c they are easier to get on/off. That said, the Charity one you show sure is cute!

  7. I love the Charity bra from Moving Comfort! I don’t like the “bra-ness” of those hooks on my sports bras, although I haven’t actually tried wearing any. it’s a mental thing…I feel like it’s too “underwear-y” or something. I like it that more companies are trying to come up with bras that work for more women though.

    I switched to the Charity almost a year ago. I wear the 36B in the Charity, and I have 5 of them now. Every time I find them on sale, I buy another one. I really love this bra because it’s simple, fits comfortably, and feels supportive when I’m running.

    One thing I noticed about this bra on me…when I first started wearing it, there was a distinct feeling of the bounce stopping when I landed. It’s hard to describe, but it felt like when I was in the air, my breasts were held still. When I landed, there was this sensation that my breasts WANTED to bounce down, but were stopped (by the bra support I suppose?). It’s a good thing! I wore nothing but the Champion seamless bras before switching to the Charity, and I think my former bras allowed a lot more downward movement than this bra.

    Anyway, I predict that you will love it!

  8. The Phoebe is my FAVORITE! Once I discovered it, I ordered 5 and can’t run without it.

  9. I still have yet to find a sports bra that I absolutely love! These look super comfy so I may give them a try!! I really like the idea of different cup sizes – too often I order the xsmall to fit my shoulders/back/etc but then they are too snug on the ladies!! LOL.
    Thanks for the review!

  10. I love Moving Comfort bras, but I also really like the seamless Champion ones. They are the best for running with a hydration pack!

  11. HANDS DOWN, my faaaavorite bra is the Handful Bra! It is theeeeee BEST sports bra EVER! The quality material is super soft, and seriously “flatters” the ladies! I wear mine ALL THE TIME because it’s ridiculously comfortable AND looks great on. I know I sound pitch-y and preach-y, but I honestly love this company! Read more about my raving here: and if you’re interested enter the giveaway — you could win a few for yourself!! =D

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