Meb Wears Skechers

I guess I must have been under a rock because, despite watching the entire US Olympic Marathon trials, I didn’t realize Meb Keflezighi won it wearing Skechers until I heard him talk about his unusual brand choice on a Pace Per Mile radio interview.

Skechers! Really! Well, of course the shoe Meb wore was one that he had input on the design for and not exactly the same GoRun shoe you can buy in the store, but still, how many world-class runners do you know who wear Skechers? Maybe we’ll see a few more after Meb’s performance.

Photo by David J. Phillip, AP

I’ll admit that I’ve long associated Skechers with tweens, old ladies, those ridiculous Shape Ups, and Kohl’s department stores.

But Meb made me take a closer look. I visited Skechers web site today and took a look at the GoRun. It’s a featherweight 6.9 oz in men’s size 9 and a svelte 4.9oz in women’s size 6. I compared this to the Nike Free Run (Nike dropped Meb in 2011 after they couldn’t agree on a contract, according to Athletes in Court contributor Lee Davis), or at least I tried to. First of all I went to but after spending a few frustrating minutes trying to navigate their impossible site, I just went to Running Warehouse and looked it up there. The Free Run weighs in at 9.3oz in a men’s size 9, 7.4oz in women’s size 8. That’s a serious weight differential.

Skechers GoRun

Nike Free Run







At the end of the day, of course, Meb Keflezighi is an enormously talented runner who could have most likely won the race in Keds, Tarahumara Huaraches (NOT Nike Huaraches), Crocs, or even his slippers. But isn’t it just a bit ironic that the man who won the NYC Marathon in 2009, won a silver medal in the 2004 Olympic marathon, is the American 10,000 meter record holder and a 4 time NCAA Champion, will likely run the 2012 Olympic Marathon wearing a shoe made by the brand that brought us these?

Shape Ups...silliest shoe ever invented

Gotta love the underdog. Go, Meb!


  1. I was very interested to see Meb wearing Sketchers after seeing Mark Cuban out running in a pair. I am a die Brooks running shoe man, but need to make a change to something more flexible this summer. I will give these things a shot on light days and see how it goes.

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