Summer = Triathlon = L.O.V.E.

I am not the kind of person to jump on a bandwagon; in fact, I tend to deliberately do the opposite. It’s not that I don’t like group activities or don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. It’s just in my nature to march to the beat of my own drum. There are times, of course, when I toe the line and sign up for the same race as a bunch of teammates, but I find I’m just as happy going solo.

So my first reaction when my good friend RunWiki posted her Six Summer Running Essentials, a follow-up to Miss Zippy’s What I’m Loving Right Now #fitgear, which was a follow-up to Shut Up and Run’s 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now, was “I like it, and love reading this stuff, but everyone’s doing it and so I’m not.” It’s a knee-jerk reaction that I’m working on…

And then a strange thing happened. I started thinking about the things I love. The clothing I love to work out in, the foods I love to eat; dammit, I was even on my bike last week and said, out loud to my training partners, “I love my bike!” Who does that? Maybe I should look into therapy, but writing a post is cheaper.

So, without further excuses or explanations, here’s my list of summer triathlon (I have to be a little different) #fitgear:

I feel fast in TYR durafast...

1. TYR Durafast diamondback swimsuit. I have tried many suits since I started swimming regularly 4 years ago. First up was a 14-year-old number that immediately disintegrated upon contact with the water. Fortunately I was swimming at night so no-one could see my awful technique… These days I am a swim snob and ONLY wear TYR diamondback suits. They fit great, don’t ride up (or down), allowing me to focus on the swim and not whether my suit is working its way into my butt crack. As anyone who swims knows, suits have a horrifyingly short shelf-life, and so I buy them in bulk from Swimoutlet. I’ll often buy the “grab bag” as I don’t care too much about color, just the style, and this saves a ton of $$$. (The suit pictured is my favorite; the color is Pacific Plaid.)

Nuun - don't ride/run/swim without it!

2. Kona Cola and Banana Nuun. While I like Nuun for its portability, great electrolyte balance, and low sugar, I must admit I’m not a fan of most of the flavors. I used to really enjoy Banana but then it was discontinued (story of my life, it seems). Fortunately I found Kona Cola, which soon became a new addiction…strange because I don’t actually drink coke. Just a few days ago Nuun announced they are bringing back Banana flavor as one of their special Tour de France flavors (Nuun says, “Banana: for the leaders” which I really like!) , so I plan to stock up! If you haven’t tried Nuun or are running low, now’s a great time to buy as from now until July 6th shipping is free!

For once my outfit matches...

3 AND 4. Brooks Epiphany Stretch Short and Athleta Sprint Seamless Bra. I love these shorts – they’re the only shorts I wear for running. They provide great coverage, don’t flap around, and have a cute color matching waistband that you can fold down to show off your abs. I love teaming up this pair with the blue Athleta sports bra as the colors match perfectly! The bra fits really well and, because it’s very stretchy, is much easier to pull on and take off (esp. when sweat-soaked!) than most other sports bras, so if you’re like me and hate getting all tangled up in your sports bra, check this one out.

Shorts with built-in AC!

5. 2XU Compression Tri Short. These are my favorite biking shorts. I don’t actually wear them when racing triathlon because I prefer the fit of my all-in-one suit, but I love wearing these shorts for long rides. The compression really helps my legs stay fresh and they have this ICE X feature explained on the web site as follows: “Xylitol is embedded in the yarn of the fabric to draw heat from the body and IR blocking inhibits penetration of infrared rays to lower skin temperature by up to 5.4°F.” I thought that must be bunk (how could a short provide cooling?) but I have experienced it for myself on a ride on the hottest day of the year when my team-mates were complaining about the heat and I felt like the Ice Queen. Fantastic, fascinating stuff.

Spring onions, radishes, zucchini, squash, kale, tart cherries!

6. CSA veggies. I’d be remiss if I didn’t include my weekly veggie box from Great Country Farms in the #fitgear list, as it’s an essential part of my training right now. I am far from a gourmet cook, and find it a challenge to incorporate all the veggies into my meals, but I am eating a much healthier diet because of it. The patty pan squash recipe I made last night was delicious and I found I had a little extra energy for this morning’s swim, probably because of it. Don’t forget to eat your veggies!


  1. I heart nuun! also that is a stylin swimsuit!

  2. I think I’m the last person on earth to have not tried Nuun. Cola sounds awesome to me!
    Adore Athleta. Adore!

    • Racingtales says:

      Marcia I’m sure you’re not the last person…maybe the second to last person. 😉 Def. give it a try. I like Athleta a bit too much, and they just opened up two stores near me…!

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