The Fight inside the Girl

Swim Bike Mom posted this picture today:

She doesn’t know me, and I only know her through her fabulous blog, but this image – well, the text, really – resonated with me. At 5′ 1″ and 110 lbs, I’m obviously a small athlete. But I consider myself a tough one. The comments I’ve endured about my size range from the ridiculous to the sublime. Generally I’m not offended and leave the talking to my race performances, but occasionally I do have to wonder about the people saying them. Would they be so rude if I were overweight? Of course not.

When I was training for a half Ironman, I heard someone say, “You’re doing a triathlon? But you’re so small!” As if there’s some sort of height requirement. This isn’t volleyball!

Granted, it’s people who don’t know me who make the most inane comments. My teammates know better than to say “is that an adult bike?” or “do you need help lifting that?” No, thank you very much. But when I pass you on the bike, don’t expect to draft off me. I’m way too small for that.


  1. You have power strength and a huge heart.. nothing small about you gorgeous girl!
    Lisa McClellan recently posted..Product Review: Pocket FuelMy Profile

  2. Very annoying! I am 5’1″ as well (of course, quite a bit more than 110 pounds), and I have to say I haven’t heard too much of that. Sounds like people are jealous to me! I love your attitude of “show, don’t tell”.
    Alyssa recently posted..Running gear is funMy Profile

  3. And damn, I’ve seen the size of your powerful quads, so who are these people messing with you? Rock on, short and powerful lady!
    misszippy1 recently posted..Dress rehearsingMy Profile

  4. Love this! I hate how people stereotype others because of size, big or small! Actions tell the truth. Thanks for sharing.
    Courtney @ Journey of a Dreamer recently posted..Coffee Date: BelieveMy Profile

  5. I saw that on pinterest recently and loved it. I am really petite as well so I know all too well about certain comments

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