Seven Things that ROCK

Yippee. I can run again. Good thing, too, because the weather is now too cold for biking (I am a warm weather biker for sure) but perfect for running. I am probably overdoing it but here was my first week back running:

Sunday – 3 miles

Tuesday 3.5 miles

Thursday 5.5 miles

Saturday 6.75 miles

Monday (today) 7 miles

Now, before you scream “You’re nuts! You tore a calf muscle and had to take 3 weeks off!” I am running all of these miles super slow. We’re talking 9:00 – 9:30 pace which for me feels like no effort at all. Which means I’ve really been enjoying running…imagine that. No sufferfests. Anyway, the calf doesn’t hurt when I run and I wear compression socks just to give it a little support. Which reminds me, here’s my list of THINGS THAT ROCK for me right now:

1. Compression socks (can’t live without them right now)

2. Fall weather. Delicious. I could literally stay outside all day. Unfortunately I’m also allergic to Fall (and Spring) so can only take it in small doses.

3. Athleta. OK, you know I like Athleta but now I like them twice as much because I found out that, if you’re a certified coach, you get 30% off in stores. No kidding. Just take in proof that you’re a certified coach (I took a pic of my RRCA Coaching certificate) to any Athleta store, fill out a form and voila! 30% off. They don’t advertise this so not sure if it’s super secret or not, but I figure sharing this info with my 3 loyal blog readers isn’t a big deal.

4. Online yard sales. So someone in my community started an online yard sale page on facebook. Freaking genius. You have to live in the local area, obviously, and once you’re approved you post pics of what you want to sell, how much you want for it, and people respond if they’re interested. It is so much better than hauling all your unwanted items out onto the driveway, putting up signs and standing around until it rains and you have to drag everything back inside. Granted, I spent my entire Sunday at home as I had a lot of people coming by to collect stuff, but I got to stay in my pjs most of the day – until I realized I’d been so busy selling I hadn’t planned anything for my family to eat and had to put clothes on to go to Red Robin.

5. Potomac River Running. This is my local running store as well as my sponsor. I am running on one of their teams for Marine Corps Marathon. When I told them I had injured my calf they were nice as could be and told me to do what I needed to do. I am still gonna run MCM because the team needs my body count, but I don’t have to run it fast, just finish. I’m actually looking forward to it! So on Saturday I volunteered at packet pickup for one of their races and had a fantastic time meeting other runners, many of whom I know from facebook but hadn’t met in person! I was thrilled to meet Jessica from Pace of Me who was using the 10 miler aspart of an 18-mile marathon-pace training run…all I can say is if that’s her marathon pace (7:22!) she’s gonna ROCK MCM.

6. Halloween. I absolutely love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday ever. And not just for the candy, although that is a big bonus. My husband and I have a great couples costume idea for this year’s Halloween party…can’t give it away but there are gonna be some funny pics out in a month! Here’s a pic of us last year (we were trophies in case you couldn’t guess):

7. The ability to run. Enough said. 🙂

Right, time to go sell stuff online and put up Halloween decorations…

Are you a yard-sale lover or loather?

When do you put up Halloween decorations? I can’t do it before October 1st. Doesn’t feel right.


  1. haha I wish a 9:00 pace was super slow for me. Just be careful! Also jealous of your cool weather!

    • Racingtales says:

      You know, Heather, my neighbor, whom I ran the last few miles with today, said the same thing! But everyone has different paces and that’s what keeps things interesting! I have some very speedy friends, some that are my pace, and others who know I’m running easy when I’m with them, but I enjoy that more, of course! Yes, the cooler weather is nice, hope you get some soon.

  2. i love gratitude posts! they make me happy 🙂

    Your halloween costumes are so cute! I have to really work at that, my natural inclination is not to dress up
    Amanda @RunToTheFinish recently posted..Unprocessed OctoberMy Profile

    • Racingtales says:

      Thanks, Amanda! I love dressing up and every year we go to a party with our triathlon teammates where there are prizes for best costumes, so that’s an added incentive! I can’t wait to show everyone our costumes this year…

  3. Thank you very much #3 …. wooo hooooo
    Lisa McClellan recently posted..In an instant my Dream becomes a RealityMy Profile

  4. Wow, that is the best news about Athleta….sad I’m not a coach now, lol. I love their stuff! Trophies?! So clever and funny!!

    I just can’t get into the compression socks thing. I have a pair and I swear they do nothing but make me feel itchy and sweaty. I know I am in the minority though. Enjoy MCM, have fun no matter what!!
    Kris @ recently posted..Coming in (to taper) HotMy Profile

  5. Congrats on getting back to running! 9:00s at those distances are FAST for me 😀 I love your Halloween costumes from last year-so clever!
    TriGirl recently posted..Mind-Bending Thoughts on My L*S**D*** RunsMy Profile

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