Kona Kase Review and Giveaway

Update! While the contest is over, you can get a case at 50% off!

I love surprises. I love receiving a package and not knowing what’s inside. So I was really happy when THIS arrived in the mail yesterday:

Kona Kase. Cute name. Let’s see what’s inside:

Posh tissue paper packaging. Swanky. But let’s cut to the chase:

That would be a rather nice selection of endurance nutrition products!

Now I know it might seem odd to get all excited about endurance nutrition, but I’m sure I’m not the only person who looks forward to trying out new products before, during, or after workouts, right?

Also included was this handy card explaining nutritional needs:

So what is Kona Kase? Basically, Kona Kase (the company) puts together and sends you a box of 8 – 10 products each month, for $15. You don’t know what you’re getting (there’s the surprise) and you can’t ask for particular items, but it’s kinda fun and a little bit like having a birthday…every month!

Now I’ll be honest, because you might be thinking this too, (and I believe in complete honesty in my product reviews) that I thought there’s no way this is $15 worth of products. I thought, well, there’s the packaging and the shipping, and so of course it’s not $15 worth of actual stuff. So I set out to find out the retail value of the products. I knew it would be hard to find them all in a store, or even several stores, so I went to Amazon.com and typed in the products. Granted, Amazon doesn’t sell the products individually but rather in packages of 10 or 12, which usually makes the individual item prices lower, but I figured I could get at least an idea of what my package of products was worth. Here’s a list of the items I received in my Kona Kase and their prices based on Amazon’s pricing:

Gatorade Prime Pouch – Berry (10 for $20) = $2

FRS Healthy Energy Powder (14 for $14) = $3 (there were 3 of these in the Kona Kase)

Larabar – Blueberry Muffin (16 for $26.40) = $1.65

Sharkies – Berry (12 for $20) = $1.67 

Powerbar – Banana (12 for $25) = $2.08

Builders Bar – Chocolate Mint (12 for $21.19) = $1.77

Accel 2nd Surge Energy Gel (8 for 416) = $2

Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator – Lemon-Lime (30 for $24.29) = $0.80

GRAND TOTAL = $14.97

I was surprised (again!) that the total was almost exactly $15. So while it may seem that it’s not $15 worth of products, it actually is…and that’s based on bulk prices! Plus, add tax and your trip to the store(s) to buy your goodies or the cost of having them shipped to you, and you’d be over $15. Granted, you might not be interested in all the products, but sharing is caring and I’ll tell ya that my husband was looking over my shoulder when I was taking my brilliant photographs and hoping I would let him “test” some of the products. Since it’s our anniversary tomorrow maybe I will let him try a Sharkie or a sip of my FRS energy drink.

And…I have even better news: The nice folks at Kona Kase have agreed to give a Kona Kase to one lucky winner! So if you’d like to get your own super secret surprise package, enter the contest! The more entries you submit, the better your chances of winning! Contest is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

The contest will run from Tuesday, October 16th until midnight on Friday, October 26th, which just happens to be my birthday! Winner will be announced on October 27th.

Good Luck!

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Kona Kase contacted me for this review and provided me with a free Kona Kase. However, the opinions stated are my own, I did not receive payment, and Kona Kase was not guaranteed a positive review.




  1. I want one! Sounds awesome!
    Lisa McClellan recently posted..Agoura RAD 10 miler race recap; a PR by 4 secondsMy Profile

  2. Stacey Scarboro says:

    Thanks for the review. Sounds good I will have to try these in the future

  3. I would love to win this! I love Clif Shot energy gels and larabars are amazing too! I haven’t tried Sharkies yet but they sound interesting.
    Jamie @ couchtoironwoman recently posted..Reach the Beach: New Jersey Race Recap Part 1My Profile

  4. I love Larabars and Vega products…I’ve tried the Vega smoothies and protein powders, but haven’t tried their sports line yet!

  5. funkyfitnesspdx says:

    I like the clif products but have recently been liking the more whole food options like probar and larabar. But I’m always looking to try new things.

  6. I have to admit that I haven’t really tried endurance nutrition yet. Unless a Larabar counts. 🙂 That’s why I need the box! To see what I like without going broke.
    Carli recently posted..Roast Lemon Pepper Chicken and Potatoes #RecipeMy Profile

  7. Jean Donis says:

    i hope i win- looks fun!

  8. I lurve Larabars..they are my favorite. I would be interested in trying the Vega hydrator.
    Natalie T. recently posted..It starts with ONEMy Profile

  9. I love larabars and sharkies! I’ve been wondering about Kona Kase and if it’s any good. It looks like it’s a good deal!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..The Best of Fall: Crock Pot Apple Butter and Healthy Pumpkin DoughnutsMy Profile

  10. I love all of the products you got in your Kona Kase!!! I’d love to win one! I just ran a race where they handed out pieces of Larabars at aid stations and they were amazing!!!

  11. Larabars rock, but I’d love to try Powerbars. Thanks!

  12. I love anything Clif. Especially Shot Bloks and mojo bars.
    Yo Momma Runs recently posted..Adios, ChicagoMy Profile

  13. I’d want to try the sharkies or the FRS energy powder. I have a huge issue when I run with keeping my energy up.

  14. Ooh this sounds fun. I love trying new bars out- I love Clif and Zone Perfect, but I always like trying new ones!

  15. Would love to try this out. Thanks!

  16. That is so cool!! I would have also thought there wouldn’t have been $15 of actual products as well. Love the products in that box. REALY hope I win!! 🙂 🙂

  17. I received the October case and love it! This is a great way to try new endurance supplements without having to purchase a whole case. I’d like to see a little more for the money but as your cost break down shows, we certainly aren’t losing money on this case.


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