Did you see the movie 2012? I watched it one time while running on the treadmill and wasn’t sure if it was a comedy or a drama. It’s basically your typical apocalypse story, in which the earth’s core is heating up rapidly and is going to boil, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and a huge tidal wave that will engulf the earth. So the powers-that-be go about secretly building these massive arks that of course can only save a small percentage of the population. All the usual fights ensue, people get crushed, maimed, go crazy, etc. There’s the typical crescendo toward the end when someone has to risk their life to save the ark from crashing into Everest and – spoiler alert – does it with about 0.02 seconds to spare.


Happily I didn’t waste any hours of my life watching this drama/comedy as I was running at the same time. Something I haven’t been doing lately, due to my own stupidity in not allowing my calf tear to heal before increasing my mileage. In fact, my entire 2012 has been about as disastrous as the movie, because I’ve been injured for most of it.

Cue the violins…

– At the beginning of the year I battled a glute/hammy injury. I ran two half marathons and an 8K on that in February and March.
– The compensation from running with a super tight glute/hammy gave me a hip problem in the other leg. In May I ran a 10K and in June a 50K on that.
– Then, while training for JFK 50, and already behind on mileage, I tore my calf. I ran a half marathon in October while still rehabbing and retore the calf the following week.

Yes, I see the pattern. Not sure if I’m martyr, hero, or just glutton for punishment. But, as disastrous as 2012 has been, I still managed to pull out:

– 2nd place in my age group at Annapolis sprint triathlon in May.
– 2nd female overall at Infinitive sprint triathlon in June.
– 2nd in my age group at Rockville Rotary 8K in July.
– My second-fastest 10K time at USAT Age Group Nationals in Vermont in August.

I guess I had a decent summer.

Right now I’m not running and not even thinking about racing the rest of the year. My husband asked me if I was signing up for the 10K I usually run on New Year’s Eve. I told him I can’t make any plans right now…

That doesn’t mean, of course, that I can’t make plans for 2013:

– In March I hope to be able to run Shamrock Half Marathon. I’ve run one of the VA Beach Shamrock races for the last 2 years (Marathon in 2011, 8K in 2012) but haven’t run the half since 2006.
– In April I’ll run my second Boston Marathon. I’m really looking forward to going back, this time with my good friend Lisa. I have no expectations for the race; my hope is to get to the start uninjured.
– While I’ll still race some of my favorite triathlons, and I’m waiting to see where USAT Age Group Nationals are this year, I’d like to focus more on duathlons this year. My swim is the weak link of the three triathlon disciplines, so I can do better in a run-bike-run than a swim-bike-run. That, of course, requires me to be able to run well, so I’m not making any concrete plans yet. But if I can run well I think I have a shot at making Team USA for the ITU World Championships…

So while it may only be November, I have big plans for 2013. And in case they don’t work out, I can always build an ark. 😉

Have you made plans for 2013? 

How do you handle injuries? Do you try to push through them like me?

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?



  1. You’re so funny with your violins. Do you want to run a 26.2 at the end of May out here? It starts in Ojai (near Santa Barbara) and ends on the beach in Ventura. I just signed up, yes, its 6 weeks after Boston (plenty of time to recover 😉 ) you have a place to stay? and someone to make your coffee and meals? a lap pool to float around in? Come on!
    Lisa McClellan recently posted..Picky Bars Mini Gluten Free Peanut Butter PieMy Profile

  2. 2013 has GOT to be better. I have been running anywhere fro 40-80 miles per week for 7 years with no injury. Then, 2012 happens. Like you, mine started with my hamstring to calf, to hip, then knee, back to hip. In late August, I was forced to stop running. I have been logging 30 “easy” miles per week and slowly building up so I can start 2013 strong. Ugh. GOOD RIDDENS 2012!
    Jessica Karazsia @irun26at8 recently posted..Three Things Thursday #4My Profile

  3. Yeah, I’d say that was a decent summer! I had some major achilles tendonitis last year, could barely even walk. I’ve battled IT band issues for three years. I’ve realized that my issues all come down to strength, so I’m working on that over the winter to hopefully put a nail in those coffins.

    I ignored my achilles problems last year and ran anyway which is why it got so bad. I lost more than half my year because I didn’t deal with it properly. I was in PT for 5 months. But now that I know how to deal with it, it’s ok if it starts to flare up. I have the knowledge & tools to deal with it.

    I’d say pushing through injuries is dependent upon the injury if you really know the what, why & how of the injury. I’d also say a good physical therapist is an expert and will help you rehab a lot faster.
    Michele recently posted..Fears + grad schoolMy Profile

    • Racingtales says:

      Thanks, Michele! I appreciate your insight; you make some great points. I had IT band issues a few years ago. I finally saw a PT (completely agree with you!) and learned that the problem was lack of hip strength. Once I worked on strengthening my hips, I got rid of the IT band problem.

  4. You have definitely had the good with the bad, so focus on that! Hoping your time off leads to healing and soon.

    Looks like a great 2013! you and Lisa will have SO much fun in Boston!

    I am doing a little scheming right now trying to plan my 2013. I think you should join me for Cherry Blossom though–that is on my list for sure!
    misszippy1 recently posted..Final long runMy Profile

    • Racingtales says:

      Hey Amanda, thanks for the kind words…yeah, can’t wait to run Boston with Lisa. I LOVE Cherry Blossom but am worried it’s too close to Boston.

  5. I’ve been battling with my achilles and calves for the last two years. I *think* I finally beat them into submission this summer and I’m back building mileage.

    Fingers crossed that we both have an awesome 2013.
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  6. Wow, what a year for you! I hope you can fully recover. You sound like me… I have such a hard time stopping everything for the injury to be completely healed. I had a stress fracture in my shin a full year ago, and then it’s been back off and on ever since, although I think (fingers crossed) I’m finally through it. I guess I can be thankful it’s only in one place, but I definitely know how you feel. That’s awesome that you and Lisa will do Boston together!
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