YMX by Yellowman…if I Don’t Digress…

It’s been a crazy few weeks. In between all the swimming, biking and running there’s been a lot of hair-pulling. Which I clearly don’t need to do since mine comes out in clumps in the shower. Fortunately I am blessed with super thick hair that turns into dreadlocks when I run in the summer. I have recently found a remedy to this problem: 4 hair ties, spaced evenly all the way down my pony tail, preventing it from sticking to my back and becoming an attractive place for birds to lay eggs. Of course, my hair, with its 4 hair ties, now just slaps me on the back the entire run. I’m sure I’m getting bruises. Do not tell me to put it into a bun. I will get a headache, and that’s if it doesn’t fall out, which it inevitably will. I have also tried braiding it but my braid ends up in a puffy 12-year-old schoolgirl mess. So 4 hair ties and back-slapping it is. Although, if I turn my head too quickly it whips around and slaps me in the face.

But I digress. Which is what I’ve been doing a lot of lately, hence the fact that I haven’t posted anything in a while. I sit down at the computer to write a nice little article and make the mistake of reading my e-mail, which sends me on 37 different tangents and 3 hours later, no post, but at least I’ve still got my swim team volunteer job…

The hair-pulling, of course, is because the kids are off school for the summer. Still. It’s been five weeks, which means we’re not even half-way through yet. Thankfully camp started this week. But of course the older kid got sick after day one of camp. Now it’s day four and he’s still sick. Poor thing. I’d feel bad but he gets to lay around all day and say “please turn my fan on, please turn my fan off, I’m hot, I’m cold, I need a drink….” which I think Id like to do. But of course I’m never sick. Don’t have time for that. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, YMX. The point of this post. And it doesn’t involve hair-pulling. The lovely people at YMX (or is it Yellowman?) sent me a couple of shirts to test out, through my relationship with FitFluential. I was psyched because (shhhh) I already own several YMX shirts and love them. So of course a couple more sounded great. I received a very subtle but beautiful elemental flower scoop neck tank that I wouldn’t have picked out myself (I noticed that all my YMX stuff is very bright colors) and a sleeveless tri-pocket infinite tribal bike jersey that I probably would have chosen as it’s green – my favorite color.

Both pieces are made with this MadKool fabric that breathes, sweats away unwanted moisture, and is super stretchy. What’s also cool is how light the material is, and how soft it feels. When you sweat in many other performance fabrics, no matter how good they are, they tend to get heavy and stick to you. Not so with MadKool. I wore the tank for a 6 mile run followed immediately by a 1 hour outdoor core strength class. I was dripping with sweat, my feet were squelching in my shoes, my hair was drenched (but thanks to 4 hair braids not in dreadlocks!) but the tank still felt light and wasn’t stuck to me! Below is a pic of the tank (and me) after the workouts.

Elemental flower scoop neck tank...love bathroom selfies!

Elemental flower scoop neck tank…love bathroom selfies!

Today I biked for an hour in the bike jersey. Temp was 84 degrees. The ice in my water bottle melted within the first 10 minutes. My husband was biking with me and mentioned how hot his bike jersey (not YMX) felt. But I felt super cool. In fact, the only complaint I do have about the bike jersey is that the center pocket of the three back pockets is not wide enough for my phone. I had to put my phone in one of the side pockets, and it kept pulling the material to the side. I prefer to put my phone in the center pocket so I am nicely balanced. I also know some bikers who like to stick a water bottle in the center pocket; with the YMX shirt that would be impossible.


Always good to get a pic of the toilet plunger in the background...

Always good to get a pic of the toilet plunger in the background…

Both shirts also offer UPF 50+ UV protection, which is a huge bonus, since all my training is outside this time of year. One of the awesome things about Yellowman/YMX is that they give you a 15% discount on your first purchase – just use the promo code FIRSTFAN at checkout. And if you like them over on facebook you’ll be privy to exclusive sale/discount info.

And just in case you don’t believe that I have other YMX gear, here are a couple of random pics from the past…seriously, anyone would think it’s TBT or something.

YMX valentines

YMX for Valentines Day!

YMX biking

YMX on the indoor trainer!


  1. girrrrrlll….Yelloman looks GOOD on you!

  2. Nice tank! And thank goodness for kiddos camp, eh? πŸ˜‰
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