Gainful Employment = Increased Productivity + Decreased Procrastination

I’ve been a bit busy of late. With a new full-time job (I am no longer a full-time athlete!) I am squeezing in at either end of the day the things I used to do pretty much whenever I felt like it. Workouts. Facebook posts. Catching up on e-mail. Playing words with friends. (I had 18 games going when I last checked, although I think about 12 of those are with my Dad…) These are all things that I used to have tons of time for, but that now take place either at 5am or 10pm.

The benefit, however, is that I’m finding I can be productive. I no longer have time to procrastinate. I get up at 5am and get the workout done so I can go and sit in traffic for 45 minutes get to work by 8:30. When I get home around 6 I have a plan for dinner and other family things that need to get done, such as signing reams of paper that come home from school every day, checking homework, etc. (Thankfully my husband gets home before I do and takes care of after school sports!) I usually throw in a load of laundry and then I get to e-mail and blogging and such.

Then there’s my other job. I don’t have an official title but I guess I can call myself “social media maven” of Photo Finish Frames. My friend and fellow triathlete Dan, who owns the company, approached me and asked me if I’d write his blog and do Facebook and Twitter stuff. I told him of course I would, and more. Because I think Dan makes an exceptional product: a handcrafted frame for your race photo, bib, and medal, that you can easily put together yourself.


One of Dan’s beautiful frames

Seriously, these frames are beautiful and yet ridiculously easy to put together. I am hopeless at crafts – even the Rainbow Loom stumps me – but I put one of these frames together no problem. And I didn’t even read the directions. (Don’t tell Dan).

So check out his site when you get a chance.

Also, check out the blog because that’s where I’ve been holding court of late, with posts about how to stay active in a desk job (how appropriate!) and my bedtime reading material. Speaking of which, I think it’s about that time…finally!


  1. Wow! Busy girl! All the best with fitting everything in. Gorgeous frame!
    Marcia recently posted..TTT: First World ProblemsMy Profile

  2. I agree. The busier you are, the more focused you are, and you get the most out of your time.

    If you want something done it’s best to ask a busy person.
    mark matthews recently posted..Something Worth Sharing From Goodreads – “A Marathon Like No Other”My Profile

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