Shit Just Got Real: ITU World Championships

It’s less than seven months away. I realized this when I climbed on my bike at 5:15 this morning for my indoor trainer ride. I actually don’t mind getting up at 5 to train when it involves staying inside where it’s warm and I can watch a movie. Sure, I have to pay attention to my heart rate and cadence, and follow the workout my coach has prescribed, but I enjoy the time to myself before the rest of the house wakes up.

But today I realized that the ITU World Championships, the race for which I’m primarily training for, is less than seven months away. That may seem like a long time, but I have a lot of work to do!

For one thing, aside from a dip in the ocean in November, a hotel pool swim last month, and a 1 hr workout a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t been swimming. That will change next week when I start a new Master’s swim program. The coach has a reputation for getting in the water to analyze swimmer’s from beneath them. Much as I hate this, I know I need it.

I jammed my talus bone in my foot a couple of weeks ago while running an indoor track race that I shouldn’t have been running, because my ankle was sore from 10 miles of icy trail running the week before. What can I say? At least once a year I do something idiotic. Lesson learned. I am not a track runner. So the bone is a lot less painful than it was and I finally have enough range of motion to run again, but of course I have to start over. I balked at the mere 20 minute run my coach assigned me for yesterday, as it was a balmy 30 degrees and I was dying to run for much longer after being cooped up with snow and ice, but I stuck to the plan. One idiotic move a year is enough.

Today I started strength training with my coach again. This actually felt good because I have kept some modicum of strength training going over the off season, in addition to planking for 5 minutes a day. He was the one suffering during the mere 3 minute plank at the end of today’s workout!

My new mantra is focus.

And I have a few things to remind me.

Map of the Sprint Course (loving the trail run and it looks like the swim is in a pond!):

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 8.58.44 PM

I am #11 in the roster for women 40-45:

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 9.19.38 PM

I get to wear some cool Team USA gear:

Team USA


On Tuesday I took the U.S. Citizenship test. I don’t have to be a U.S. Citizen to compete on Team USA as I’m a Resident, but it somehow feels right:

Citizenship test

 Seven Months to go.



  1. This is so incredibly exciting and inspiring!! And I’m with you- if I can workout where it’s warm and watch a movie, a 5am wake up call isn’t too bad!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..NJ Trail Winter Race RecapMy Profile

  2. 7 months is going to fly, but in a good way! Love the Team USA gear. And congrats on the citizenship test!
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! recently posted..Six Mile Slush RunMy Profile

  3. So freaking excited for you! I am a master of idiotic injuries so don’t feel bad. : )

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