So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen

When I was a student at Sheffield University, I applied for the job of News Editor on the student newspaper. In lieu of interviews, the newspaper Editor had all the applicants line up and explain why they should get the job. All the applicants who went before me said, “I’m an English major so I have loads of free time,” or words to that effect, to indicate that they would be able to work pretty much 24/7 at the newspaper because, apparently, getting an English degree was a complete doddle.

When it was my turn, I chose a different tactic. “I don’t have tons of free time,” I stated. “I’m on the Cross-Country team, and I spend a lot of time training and many weekends racing. But I will make time, because I always make time for priorities.”

I got the job.

I didn’t believe then – and I still don’t now – that having a load of free time means that you will use it wisely. In fact, on the rare occasions I have found myself with nothing to do, I’ve squandered the time. On the other hand, when I’m busy, I’m much more productive. I’m good at prioritizing and making the time for the things I want – and need – to do.

For a long time, this blog has been one of those priorities. I made time for it, even when working full time, traveling non-stop, and training for several half-ironman triathlons. When training for Raleigh 70.3 last year, I blogged religiously every Sunday night. I found the blogging helpful for keeping track of my training and also for keeping my training on track. It was the process of writing down my thoughts, however, that I needed, not the product.

I don’t feel I need that process any more, and, as a result, have not made my blog a priority for a while now. Other things, such as my exciting new teaching job (I’m making good use of my “doddle” of an English degree by teaching 8th Grade English!) and training for an Ironman (I switched from Mont Tremblant to Louisville, on account of the new job), have taken precedence. Blogging has always been an outlet, a way to feed my need for creativity, to share my thoughts. I don’t feel that need right now. Besides, when you teach English you get to be creative all day!

These days, I tend to use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share the things I used to share on the blog. For sure, those posts are short, ephemeral, and lack any depth, but they feel sufficient right now. I don’t need to share more than what I can write in 140 characters or capture in a picture. I hope you’ll (continue to) follow me on these social media!

Maybe I will feel the need to blog again in the future, in which case I’ll pick it right back up. But for now, this is adieu.

Thanks for reading. 🙂




  1. I totally relate, as it’s harder for me to find and make the time lately! And I’m the same way with free time – I’ll end up doing nothing and not being as productive. See you around – nice to see you at Rev3 Montclair!
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?! recently posted..DC Women in Triathlon Event {Friday Five}My Profile

  2. I totally get it, Allison. It’s been fun here and I’ll see you around on your other channels. All the best with your teaching position and IMLOU!

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