Writing in my Dreams

I write for a living. I started writing a blog because, while I get to write – or edit – all day, the subject matter isn’t always the most, shall I say, scintillating? With my blog, I can combine my two passions: writing and my sports of running and triathlon. Hang on, maybe that’s three passions…

In my dreams, I write about my passions for a living. I write all day about running and swimming and riding, nutrition, racing, workout gear and clothing, great locations to train and race.

In my dreams, I write for a publication whose readers share my passions. I write from the heart in a way that inspires but never intimidates. My articles speak a language readers understand, because I am myself a reader, an absorber of information on how to train, eat, perform. I cannot get enough.

Back to reality. In my role as an instructional designer I am learning new information all the time, then turning that information around and teaching it to others. It’s impossible to do this without the ability to quickly grasp new concepts, something that I do on a daily basis. I am adept at research and synthesis of information, a critical skill in the writing field.

Are you looking for a writer who can engage an audience, personalize a theme, take an idea and roll with it? That’s me.

For more information, cruise around this blog, visit my business site Eye for Detail, and take a look at my article So You Want to Run an Ultra? on page 16 of the online magazine This Mother Can Run.