I am an RRCA Certified Running Coach who has been running and racing for over 25 years. I have experience with road races from 5K to Marathon, trail/cross-country races of all distances up to 50K, and middle-distance track events (mile/1500, 3000, 5000). I can help you achieve your goal, be it to run around the block, finish your first 5K, run a marathon or ultra, or qualify for Boston. I have run 5 marathons, qualifying for Boston twice, and 2 ultramarathons. I love to train and race and share my passion for running.

Please contact me at if you need further information or if you’re ready to start!

I offer the following services:

Training Plans: I will create a custom training plan to meet your specific needs, including mileage, number of days you can run, intermediate races, and any other factors, to help you meet your goal. You will fill out a questionnaire that gives me the information I need to create a training plan that works for you.

8 week plan – $75
An 8 week plan will work for shorter races up to 10K for those who are already running regularly. If you’re just starting out running (or starting back up after a break), or training for a distance longer than 10K, you’ll need a 16 week plan.

16 week plan – $125
A 16 week plan is suitable for those who are just starting out running (or starting back up) and need a base-building phase (usually 6 – 8 weeks) before they can get into the “meat” of the training, and for those training for longer distances up to the marathon. An 8 week plan will be provided initially, with a review after 6 weeks of training to see what, if any, adjustments need to be made for the second 8 weeks.

24 week plan – $175
If you’re just starting out and need more time to base-build for a longer race, or if you don’t have many days per week to train, a 24 week plan may be more suitable. As with the 16 week plan, this plan will be reviewed after 6 weeks and again at 14 weeks.

Coaching: Some individuals like more than a training plan. If you’re looking for regular (at least weekly) feedback and modifications to your training plan, if you’d like me to look at your form and make suggestions, show you stretches or exercises, a coaching plan is appropriate for you. We’ll meet in person if possible or by phone to discuss your specific needs and goals. I’ll create a training plan for you, up to 4 weeks at a time depending on your needs, and revise/modify it as needed. You’ll provide me with feedback on each of your runs, and contact me any time with any questions or issues.

Coaching services are $75/month.

Triathletes – I am the queen of transition! My transition times are consistently in the top 5. If you’d like help making faster transitions from swim to bike and bike to run, please contact me. I can also help you with your run!